Scanty Panty Liners


These ultra-thin panty liners are specifically designed for everyday use; they’re ever so slim, you won’t even feel you’re wearing them! If you’re heading out after school or work and don’t have time to go home and change, Moxie Scanty Panty Liners are the perfect accessory to keep you feeling fresh underneath your clothes throughout the day.

Each pack of Moxie Scanty Panty Liners contains 24 individually wrapped liners (embossed with little Moxie bows – so cute!) and comes complete with one refillable purse-worthy compact, keeping the liners inside in ready-to-use pristine condition. And, in true Moxie style, the tin compacts are also 100% recyclable and reusable.

Keep it clean with Moxie Scanty Panty Liners.


Slenders Liners


Panty Liners, and periods, aren’t that glamorous. But what we can tell you is that we’ve thought long and hard about how we can make your panty liners as comfortable, as convenient and as stylish as panty liners can be.

Comfortable and absorbent yet ultra thin, Slenders Liners are perfect for use during periods, or on those really light days before or after. Each pack contains 24 individually wrapped breathable, absorbent liners and a recyclable purse-worthy tin (perfect for your handbag!), in a gorgeous peach candy striped boudoir box complete with a real black bow.



* Australian variants shown. Packaging may vary by country.