Sleepovers Overnight Pads

SLEEPOVERS-PADS-300x199Fluffy socks? Check. Flannelette PJ’s? Check. Hot water bottle? Check. Now all you need is a super absorbent, extra long pad to help you get a good night sleep.

Designed with comfort, extra absorption and breath ability in mind, Moxie Sleepovers come in a stylish boudoir box which is perfect for your bedroom or bathroom shelf. Each pack contains 10 ultra-thin yet super absorbent long pads, with wings for added security. All the help you need to get that much deserved good night’s sleep.

Sleep tight with Moxie Sleepovers.


Slenders Pads



When you’re bloated, have got cramps, and have just gorged a family-sized block of chocolate, its period hell. Now we’re not pretending we can make it better, but we can bring a touch of glam to your worst days.

Designed with comfort, extra absorption and breathability in mind, Moxie Slenders Pads (with wings!) come with 12 individually wrapped pads, keeping the pads in ready-to-use pristine condition. Perfect for day-time use, Moxie Slenders come complete in a pretty boudoir box with a 100% recyclable purse-worthy tin that’s just perfect for discreetly toting around in your handbag.


* Australian variants shown. Packaging may vary by country.